Monday, May 24, 2010

Day 1

Today is the the first day of coding for GSOC 2010!

I'll be using this blog to track the progress of the ENSIME Scala mode for Emacs.

All ENSIME development is hosted at

There's also a high-level list of goals for the summer:

ENSIME is already useful (I use it to develop the ENSIME server component, naturally), so if you're an Emacs user, and you don't mind playing with a work-in-progress, grab the latest download package here:

Feedback is welcome!

And a big thanks to Google and The Scala Team for giving me the opportunity to spend my summer hacking Scala and Emacs Lisp. I can't think of anything I'd rather be doing : )


  1. Have you checked out the F# support in Visual Studio? It's very cool in that you can just highlight random code, alt-enter, and it will be evaluated down in the built-in REPL.

    This gives it a very exploratory, CL/SLIME-like feel of development.

  2. I haven't tried F# in VS. Sounds neat.

    We do intend to include REPL support in ENSIME (running the Scala REPL as an inferior process is pretty easy). But highlighting/eval'ing random code probably won't be as useful as it is in F# or Lisp: it's harder to disentangle bits of Scala from their lexical context (everything lives in a method, which lives in a class, etc).

  3. Wish I could enter cryogenic suspension and wake up when you're done.