Saturday, May 29, 2010


I imported Ray Racine's sbt.el into the ENSIME project today. What this means is that sbt users can now type C-c C-a to launch (or switch to an existing) sbt interactive shell.

Warnings and errors are automatically highlighted in the shell, and file references are hyperlinked (just like in an Emacs compilation-mode buffer).

Users can customize ensime-sbt-compile-on-save to enable automatic recompilation every time a scala/java buffer is saved. This option is disabled by default, as it eats a lot of CPU, and I don't feel it adds a whole lot over the existing ENSIME syntax/type checking. It may be useful, though, if you're working on a project that you need to run frequently.

If you'd like to bind short-cut keys to sbt actions, you can use the function: ensime-sbt-action which issues an action, provided as a string argument, to the sbt shell.

Thanks to Ray for a nice piece of code. I use sbt for ENSIME development, so this is a welcome addition : )

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